This is my personal webpage. Here is my dream: https://samanthaconnelly.com/technology-roadtrip/ .

I do quite a bit of volunteering. I have my own Radio show on Edge Radio called ‘Chat with an Engineer’. I am the founder and president of Robogals UTas, a robogals chapter in Tasmania. I also help out with Red Cross when I have spare time, unfortunately I haven’t had a huge amount of spare time recently .

I will be graduating this year *Yay*. A Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Mathemajics XD. I also have half an engineering degree.

I have also started my own Tutoring Business, called ‘Sammy’s Tutoring Service’. I mainly tutor mathematics but I can tutor anything from Robotics to Japanese.

I have interests in Robotics, Power Engineering, programming and Open Source Software.

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